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113 S Central Ave, Landis, NC 28088, USA

There is nothing we like better than seeing the smiles of happy customers, and we strive to go above and beyond to make that happen. With a variety of services available, we’re always here to meet your needs.


Monday                  CLOSED - Appointments Only

Tuesday                  10:00am - 5 pm & Appointments

Wednesday             10:00am - 5pm & Appointments

Thursday                10:00am - 5pm & Appointments

Friday                     10:00am - 5pm & Appointments

Saturday                 9:30am - 4pm & Appointments  

Sunday                   CLOSED - Appointments Only


Appointments are offered each working day, just go to our "book online" page and check out what is available. Sometimes we can schedule you personally, just call our boutique @ 704-721-0062